UNITRANS is proud to offer their customers a range of products to meet the specific needs of the market. Dedicated to becoming the go-to-resource you’ll find the largest inventory of new & recycled parts, and refurbished units for all types of vehicles, light and medium duty (US and imported), performance or collectible.

By using UNITRANS refurbished products, you will be providing your customers with the best product and warranty while you receive impeccable service at the best price.

Our refurbished product line is backed by the industry’s best warranty of the market up to 3 years / 160,000 km. For more information contact one of our advisors.

from our
refurbished products

Automatic transmissions

Manual transmissions

Differentials (front & rear)

Transfer cases

Valve bodies

Automatic transmission pumps

Bell Housing

Torque converters

Also available – recycled products

Other products

UNITRANS proud distributor of the largest manufacturers in the industry

NAPC (North American Power Train)

GM, Ford, Ford, Chrysler